Gobble gobble!

the turkey apologizes

(( Hey guys, I’m still here!

Sorry about my unexpected hiatus - I’ll start drawing more turkey shenanigans and whatnot, as I still have some in my inbox ahahaha~ Thanks for sticking around, and I’ll do my best to be more active! ))

OOC: Art theft



Man, I can’t believe I have to touch this subject again. Once more, while I appreciate that people like my art, I’ve had a terrible itch clawing at me recently; particularly, a rather persistent individual(s?) who is borderlining harassing me on my dA gallery. (Yes, someone associated with those who stole my art is harassing -me-)

I know a good number of my watchers here know of my Mon Tout and Mon Esprit series. Please check my main account for more details on this issue.

I love the Amnesia series, so very much. It’s seriously disheartening when people steal my work and proceed to send me such messages.

Thank you for your time~


Hey guys, Turkey here! My art has been a victim of theft recently, and given that my main dA gallery is involved here, I figured I’d give a heads up around here too~

Remember kids: art theft ain’t awesome.

(The turkey squawks in astonishment, feathers flailing about as it raised its head back as if to say, ‘WHY WOULD YOU INQUIRE ABOUT THAT?!’.)

(The turkey coos fondly in remembrance of that day. To think, it all started with a simple whistle within the Homestead.)

I thought of you little guy :3 I’ll be sure to give you fresh bread~
Art by: Tanyart

I thought of you little guy :3 I’ll be sure to give you fresh bread~

Art by: Tanyart

(With both species possessing an affinity for causing Connor grief about the Homestead, the turkey and pigs are quite fond of each other.)

(Despite Mademoiselle de Grandpre’s warning, the turkey abruptly lifted its hind feathers in a threatening manner.)

(The turkey flailed and squawked as it was picked up, feathers flying about every which way.)

(The turkey whistled softly in appreciation, soon lowering its head to peck at the delicious food provided by the stranger.)

(The turkey emits a battle cry of a squawk, leaping into the air as it charged towards the army of living plush toys.)